Rwanda Youth in Agribusiness Forum
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Crop Production

This cluster deals with the growing crops for use as food and fiber. Examples; Horticulture, cereals tubers, forestry, etc.

Clusters that RYAF works on


This cluster oversees domesticated animals raised in agriculture setting to produce commodities such as food, fiber and labor i.e. Animals such as Cattle, Rabbits, piggery, poultry, fish, beekeeping, etc.


This Cluster oversees the manufacturing of the Raw materials and intermediate products derived from the agriculture sector i.e. Transforming products that originate from agriculture (Crops and livestock), Forestry and fisheries.

ICT4 Agriculture

This cluster deals with all information and communication technologies including devices and applications which range from innovative internet era Technologies and sensors to the preexisted aids applied primarily in agriculture

Inputs & Agroservices

This cluster oversees a wide array of services sold to farm oriented enterprises and non-farm final customer. Examples would include: Inputs suppliers, Mechanization, Irrigation, Extension Services, Irrigation, Transportation, Packaging, and marketing of agriculture end products and its derivatives